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We are artistic group dealing juggling activities. We are Fireshow JBC!


About us

We are a group of jugglers from Jablonec nad Nisou showcasing our art in the Fire, UV and LED/Light show. We appear as at private parties and at public events, whether for corporate parties, birthday parties, proms, festivals, opening events, town festivals, workshops etc.. Our performance will improve any time your evening. We focus on perfect choreography and freestyle, unprecedented effects and especially for many modern tricks of juggling world. We will come to show our presentment anywhere where you want us. Recently we started to expand our um also into the theater and dance. Thanks to all this we are able to take a wide audiences. Spin with poi or staff, contact and dragon staff, flowersticks, levisticks, S-staffs, spitting fire, juggling balls, rings and clubs, nothing is alien to us! It is entirely up to you, what you choose. We are able to make a show under any circumstances, to different music on different places. So, if you do not know how to surprise your guests, please contact us and we will help you.


Still we go to various workshops, courses, and teambuilding events. Our art is really thanks to regular workouts constantly growing.

Quick communication

Our approach to the realization show for your event is truly blitz. We therefore can prepare performances in minimum time.

We have goals

Our group has many talented members, thanks to which we have achieved a number of successes, such as first place in the fire arts of Czech Republic.


We are constantly dedicated to the development of special effects such as pyrotechnics, electronics and chemistry that perfectly spice up the show.

What we do

Here to find out what we can show you everything and visitors to the event, which you are organizing.

fire show

Fire is the element that illuminates and warms us. Mankind had attracted to, but we fear Him. We are, despite our fears proved this element tame and show off with his help, various dance elements with pyrotechnic effects not only entertains us. Fire show in the performance of our group becomes an experience for many and remains in them after a long time. Fire show, as such, is recommended for outdoor spaces. We are able to prepare indoor fire show using a special non-oiled and odorless fuel.

Light show

Light show, primarily due to the special LED equipment is very popular and modern alternative performances. Using light can induce unique atmosphere that will make you feel like in a fairy tale. Among our facilities include general lighting equipment that can blink, light and painting patterns according the selected sound. This show is able to do both indoors and outdoors and therefore becomes one of the most variable.

uv show

UV light, or so called Black light is at the very edge of the visible color spectrum, This is strictly speaking the ultra violet light. This UV light has the ability to shine in the dark UV active items. With this light we can manipulate objects ais our body, so to engender different patterns viewer and so got an unprecedented show.

daylight show

Juggling show in daylight is particularly appropriate for events that can not be held in the evening This is a sample of our art, but it is not no way impoverished Of course it is not possible to captivate visitors due to special effects, But the more we are able to give of their talent and showcase things that you can not show during Fire, Light or UV show


The workshop is ideal for all-day form of event you are organizing To the desired location we will bring our rental equipment juggling and we will take care of your kids and you. It is a safe and very popular activity not only among children who have responsible trained jugglers

We provide

We can provide a variety of accompanying program and facilities that will enrich the event that you do.

  • sound system
  • break dance
  • various interprets and bands
  • slack line
  • rope and physical attraction
  • show with juggling equipment
  • various dance show

Unless you want address the many other artists that could enrich experience, we will be happy to help you.

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Our offer

We offer a variety of performance products, which we are constantly improving. We are also able to prepare a thematic presentation to the required parameters.

We are creative team

Each of us is unique. Thanks to this we are able to work effectively as a whole and achieve 100% results.

Daniel Vlcek

Daniel Vlček

poi, contact a dragon staff

I juggling since I was 14 years old and I co-founded Fireshow JBC.

Team Member

Martin Fábera

poi, ball, staffs, manipulation

Otherwise also "Fáčus". I deal with juggling and manipulation of various objects.

Team Member

Petra Dohnalová

poi, staff, levistick, fans

I am one of the first female members Fireshow JBC and actively contribute to the development of our group.

Team Member

Adam pošivač

clubs, balls, poi, staff

I am a co-founder Fireshow JBC and I love everything that flies through the air.

Team Member

Lucie Hlavatá

poi, staff, clubs, fans

I began to stand out thanks to my boyfriend and I have had a number of great performances.

Team Member

Josef Marek

staff, poi, clubs, cube

I am from Turnov where I started actively juggle and then I started to do with Fireshow JBC where I could possibly make.

Team Member

Jonáš Zelík

flowerstick, diabolo

Into Fireshow JBC, I joined with my flowerstick skill and gave speeches and more sparkle.

Team Member

Jana Škvárová

levistick, fans

Thanks to my friend I made ​​friends with this group and started with them to form the "art".


We have already had a number of successful performances for large and small companies.

Our sponsors

With the help of these sponsors, we can more quickly realize our dreams. Thank you!


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+ 420 608 847 408

Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech republic


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